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About Us

About El Santo Madrazo Store

El Santo Madrazo was established in the central Mexican highland town of San Miguel de Allende; one of the colonial jewels of the Americas. It is here, tucked away in a small workshop on the outskirts of town that the Studio creates original folk art incorporating the traditional elements of mexican culture, humour, materials and artesanal legacy to make pieces on the cutting edge of design.

The work has been described as New Age Folk Art.

Studio is headed up by Aarón Díaz and José Antonio Madrazo Galvez who is responsible for the design and production of the work and the promotion of the Studio throughout the world. Working alongside the team are various artisians from the surrounding countryside and from the other states such Puebla, Michoacan, Tlaxcala, Oaxaca and Guerrero. Some traditional elements used in Cielito Lindo Estudio designs are handcarved wooden figures, ceramics, handforged metal, Mexican folk sayings and Day of the Dead motifs, set into nichos, altars, mirrors, chairs and candle holders all elaborated with quiet, elegant hues or more typically, the electric colours which are so symbolic of this extraordinary country.

El Santo Madrazo art pieces are troughout Mexico, the United States, in Canada, Australia and Europe and are featured mostly in galleries, museum shops and folk art stores as well as private collections throughout the world. Some of the fine venues which feature El Santo Madrazo work are: the Peabody Museum, the Gilcrease Museum, the Arizona State University, the Brooklyn Museum, the Latin American Art Museum, Denver Art Museum, Place of the Governor's Museum (Santa Fe), and Horchow's Catalogue. Some of the private collectors of Cielito Lindo Estudio work include: comedian Gary Shandling, musicians Keith Richards,Ringo Starr, Lucero and Mijares, ZZ Top,Los Tigres del Norte, model and restauranteur Christy Turlington, cartoonist Barry Tomas, the painter Fernando Botero, the actor Eric Idle and the singer Adam Ant; also actor comedian Steve Martin.